MG Developments launches an administrative and commercial “Promark” project in the New Administrative Capital, with investments of EGP 1.2 billion.

Mohamed Metawee, CEO of MG Developments Company, explained that the project is being built on an area of ​​8,836 thousand meters in the government district and banks in the Administrative Capital, and is distinguished by a main facade of the commercial and administrative building directly facing the Ministry of Finance, and the land has a building area of ​​25 thousand square meters divided into 2 A garage floor with a total area of ​​10 thousand meters and an area of ​​5 thousand commercial meters is the ground floor and the first floor, and 6 floors of administrative offices with a total of 10 thousand square meters.

Metawee stressing that the company has already started the implementation of the project before announcing it for sale to confirm the strength and durability of its financial position and its ability to complete the project without waiting for the financial returns from it.

“ProMark” project is distinguished by its unique location overlooking the central park and the square separating the government district from the financial one, which is considered the first areas to be operational in June 2021 according to government assurances to transfer the prime minister and all ministries, the House of Representatives, the Central Bank, the Stock Exchange and the House The Opera, in addition to the main centers of most banks and companies, and the main Monorail station, during the next year 2022, Metawee Pointed Metawee explained that the investment in commercial activities is the highest in terms of investment returns due to the scarcity of commercial spaces in this district as the area allocated for this sector does not exceed 15 plots, so the Promark project is the ideal solution for smart investors. Those who seek to achieve high returns and are looking for a privileged location with commercial units of various sizes and reasonable prices. Owning a commercial store or an administrative headquarters in “Promark” project is an investment opportunity due to the high density enjoyed by this region and large expected working hours, which will extend from 7 Morning to 7 pm, except for the evening period.

Metawee Said “We are proud to have access to the most prominent pivotal sites in the government district and banks in the Administrative Capital’, stressing the company’s keenness to work on this project according to the latest global trends starting from planning the project by providing administrative spaces that suit all needs and are equipped with capabilities and technological services, in addition to services The project includes security and guarding, central air conditioning, electronic gates to the building and garage, elevators and other services” He added, we hired (ECG), one of the most important consulting engineering expertise houses in Egypt, as a general consultant for the project due to its expertise and distinguished engineering cadres that over 50 years have designed and supervised the construction of more than (2000) projects. It carries out studies on projects, sets general and detailed plans and supervises implementation, and focuses on the sectors of construction, urban development, mixed-use projects, energy, transportation, water, industry and gas.

Finally, “Metawee” assured that the company aims to expand and pump more investments in areas where it already exists and to market new projects there during the coming period in the Administrative Capital, Fifth Settlement and Ain Sokhna, in addition to launching new projects in different destinations and sectors in the New Administrative Capital, New Alamein and Sheikh Zayed. .