Metawee Group announces the completion of the “Sky View” and “Sky view Premiere” project delivered ahead of schedule to customers with 6 months

Metawee Group has announced the completion of the implementation of the “Sky View” project to assemble the fifth, ahead of schedule by six months, as well as the completion of the project: “Skyview Premiere” a year ahead of scheduled work, with a total investment reached to “90 million pounds,” where the company began work on them within the expansion plan launched during the last year, and announced an increase in private investment company in the Egyptian real estate market.

Aya El-Shenawy, marketing manager at Metawee Group has confirmed that this action was in accordance with the commitment of the company “compliant” pledges current and potential customers, and meet all standards of quality and safety in the units that have been completed, while adhering to delivery schedules and finish them before schedule, when it announced that the company has completed its business units “Skyview” project before the agreed date within the contracts with customers and so for 6 months, and that the company also has ended the “Skyview Premiere” project before the announced deadline whole year, and that It confirms the company’s commitment to its customers to provide all the guarantees; to increase customer confidence and ensure the provision of better service in the field of real estate.

She pointed out that “Skyview” project is characterized as just a 3-minute walk from the American University and the University of the future and meeting Mall, and enjoyed it near the Flower Club and Platinum overlooking the Misr Bank Club and the New Cairo, and is characterized by the rise of the sea 350 m surface on a hill lotus, In addition to the excellence gorgeous efficient equipment working on the new Cairo, and adorned with green areas and an array of recreational areas, schools, malls, and the project is located on the Ring road South and north, which connects between the Ring road and through the Suez road Ain Sokhna, the project is an innovative idea to create a small close-knit community enjoys all minivans Compound Services at a price suitable for young people.

Aya added that “Skyview Premiere” project has been chosen directly on Gamal Abdel Nasser axis which connects the ninetieth Street north and south, overlooking the Platinum Club directly seeing open until sunrise the city, so it provides the project site Ames vision of the sky in the region.

She explained that there is a great demand by customers for both projects units once it has been finalized either, given the customer confidence in the services provided by the compliant group, contains the two projects on a number of public and recreational services, which includes green spaces, intended for children and concerts of their own areas, and swimming pools, and units of the security to ensure the special protection, in addition to the availability of facilities for customers and checkpoints project of facilities for payment and instalment methods.

She was pleased to finalize the draft “Skyview” and “Skyview Premiere” ahead of time for them, with an emphasis on achieving the company’s expansion of its plan announced in April last year warranty to further expand and investment in the Egyptian market, emphasizing the pursuit of lasting the company to retain as distinguishes it in the Egyptian real estate market to ensure the full specifications with respect to the implementation and DOORSTEP quality, as well as to ensure after-sales maintenance of the units lifetime.

She confirmed that the company continues to work on its expansion plan in the Egyptian market and start new projects in the coming period, foremost of which is “Headquarter Business” project management project, which the company will begin to be implemented in the first sector to gather the fifth, according to the company plan to expand R & D in administrative area as well as what you’ve done projects in real estate and tourism area, where was the last projects “Blue blue” project, which is located in Ain Sokhna accidentally Zafarana, which reached the total investment of 750 million pounds in order to expand and develop the Egyptian real estate as a foundation stone in the growth of the Egyptian economy.