According to its new expansion plan

According to its new expansion plan

According to its new expansion plan in the real estate sector in Egypt MG Developments pumps 750 million pounds investments in “Blue Blue” Sokhna Resort to support the real estate market and Egyptian economy Mohamed Metawee: Real estate projects are the backbone of the economy and MG Developments is keen to support and develop it through enormous investment projects MG Developments announced launching its new project “Blue Blue” this month with a total investments of 750 million pounds, as a step to support the Egyptian economy and develop the real estate market in Egypt; given that the real estate is the fastest growing sector and the backbone of the economy and investments. The new project lies in the area of windmills and renewable energy, 30 km from the mountain in Zafarana road in Ain Al Sokhna on an area of 121 thousand meters. This great location provides the resort with clean air, pure water and a quiet charming sandy beach. Mohamed Metawee, CEO of MG Developments, stated that “Blue Blue” Sokhna is a self-financed project with an investment value of about 750 million pounds and includes 700 Residential resort units in a prime location divided into a variety of areas which will suit the needs of different families starting from 100 meters and up to 300 meters. The resort has excellent services such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotel, in addition to gym on the beach, volleyball play grounds, Aqua Parks for children and private pools. He mentioned that all the resort units overlook swimming pools and the project is designed on levels so that all units can overlook the sea. Metawee added that “Blue Blue” project provides 5000 daily labor jobs and utilizes the skills of 120 engineers and supervisors till it’s completed. The grand investments’ project seeks to push the Egyptian economy, the labor market as well as increasing investments in Egypt and provide more job opportunities to achieve benefit for the Egyptian society, which is MG Developments’ targeted scheme. Metawee said that “Blue Blue” resort is also in line with the new expansion plan that the Group adopted which seeks to enter new markets in the tourism investment sector in North Coast, Ain Sokhna and the real estate sector in New Cairo, new Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed and October, as well as developing its business to include administrative and commercial fields. Metawee pointed out that registering for “Blue Blue” resort will start this July with facilitations in payment up to 5 years without benefits and the first installment starting from 10%. He added that the project is divided into 4 areas which are: Island, Lake View, Sea View and Water Front. The project features 12 thousand meters of water bodies in the resort, the chalets are also designed to be surrounded by water in addition to their presence in windmills area. Metawee affirmed that all the project units will be delivered within 3 years, he also stressed on the Group’s commitment to provide real estate and tourism projects that benefit the Egyptian real estate wealth and the Egyptian society. He added that he’s confident and proud of the constant success achieved by MG Developments in all its projects which comply with all the technical specifications and the highest quality in raw materials used while committing to the units’ delivery dates and outstanding post-sales services. It is worth mentioning that MG Developments launched several projects including “La Vida” Compound in Heliopolis city which comprises 500 units with the first phase completely sold out and 85% of the second phase is underway while the third phase kicking off in July 2015. The company is currently carrying out “Sky View” project in Fifth Settlement and plans to develop several real estate projects as it seeks to implement a new plan for administrative and commercial development in Fifth Settlement. mentioning that

Shortly after the launch of the

Shortly after the launch of the project with 750 million pounds of investments “MG Developments” begins the implementation of “BlueBlue” project in Ain Al Sukhna Mohamed Metawee: We are committed to deliver the project on time in order to earn our customers’ trust MG Developments for Real Estate and Tourism Investment announced the implementation of “Blue Blue” resort, which is located in Zafarana road in Ain Al Sokhna. The project has witnessed high demand on its units since the announcement of its launch, due to its prime location and the facilitations in payment provided by the Group in all its projects. “Blue Blue” Sokhna project is carried out with 750 million pounds worth of investments,” stated Mohamed Metawee, CEO of MG Developments, who stressed on the company’s constant efforts to provide suitable and distinctive facilitation in payment, besides working hard on delivering the units to the clients before the deadline, in addition to revamping the beaches so they can be ready for the visitors; equipped with water games and different activities, including holding concerts, like Easter concert by Jannat, which had a huge attending. “Blue Blue project offers up to 5 years facilitations in payment without benefits and the first installment starting from 10% to fit the current economic conditions in Egypt,” Metawee clarified, adding that the project also provides more than 5,000 daily labor jobs; contributing in the Egyptian labor market and providing job opportunities in order to boost the Egyptian economy forward. On a related note, Aya El-Shenawy, Marketing Manager at MG Developments, stated that “Blue Blue” project features more than 12 thousand meters of waterscapes in the resort, and is divided into 4 main areas which are: Island, Lake View, Sea View and Water Front. She added that the buildings are built on 2 levels to guarantee a sea view for each and every unit, using a U shape design. El-Shenawy affirmed that the new project, which is located on an area of 120 thousand meters, features a variety of chalets with varying sizes to suit all tastes, pointing out that the selection of the project site – far from ports and ships – will ensure the continuity of a clean beach and the purity of the sea water, as well as the nature of The beach itself and its soft, non rocky sand to guarantee safety for the entire family during their time on the beach. El-Shenawy clarified that the resort also lies in the windmills and renewable energy area and only 30 km away from the mountain; providing the resort with clean air, pure water and a quiet charming sandy beach. El-Shenawy pointed out to the services provided by the resort, which include more than 15 swimming pools distributed all over the resort, a fascinating beach that stretches over 300 meters, in addition to a mini aqua park, a lazy river, a fully equipped gym, as well as a health club with spa, sauna and Jacuzzi; to provide relaxation and recreation for all the residents. El-Shenawy stated that the company is currently negotiating with a number of hotels for the establishment of an international hotel in “Blue Blue” as well as restaurants and brands’ franchises.

With a volume of investments up to 500

With a volume of investments up to 500 million pounds MG Developments to launch “Headquarter business” the Administrative Project in Al Tagmou’ Al Khames MG Developments for Tourism and real estate investments has announced a new plan to expand the company’s activities and access new markets through a launch of new project in Al Tagmou’ Al Khames with a total investment up to 500 million Egyptian pounds in the Egyptian real estate market. This project is “Headquarter business” in the first district in 90 street and through it MG Developments is announcing its entry to the administrative real estate sector. Mohammed Metawee Chairman of MG Developments for real estate investment said “the company is working according to an expansion plan in the Egyptian real estate market to increase its investments in the Egyptian market and enter new fields and that what the company is doing through the latest project, as the new project that the company is going to start “Headquarter business” is an administrative project in the first district in 90 north street in Al Tagomu’ Al Khames. With this project the company is announcing entering the administrative filed in addition to its intervention of excellence in tourism, residential and commercial field” Metawee pointed out to the importance of “Headquarter business” project as the first administrative project for MG Developments which has started it to exceed the Group’s activities and not only the residential and tourism fields which helps in opening new markets to enable the group to increase its uniqueness in the Egyptian real estate market, he added that such projects is creating new different economic opportunities not to mention that the importance of this project is about developing the Egyptian economy through investors and business men who will rent unites in the project as well as the project is giving the chance to business men to choose suitable spaces for them which will increase the value of the project that aims to provide all means of comfort to customers in addition to its unique position in the first distract in 90 street Al Tagmou’ Al Khames which is away from the capital downtown to avoid traffic. He also pointed out to that the project will have the latest highest services and technologies and the latest designs ensuring customers the best on the completion of their work, as well as labor to be included to offer new job opportunities so it will reflect positively on the Egyptian economy and not only the real estate market. Metawee added that the company is committed to providing the best services in the field of real estate through starting new projects aim to support the Egyptian economy to grow as the real estate market in Egypt is giving job opportunities and financial sources to support the Egyptian economy. He also added that the most important goal for the company is ensuring the best service to increase the customers trust and attract more according to the company’s services in terms of delivery dates, methods of payment, maintenance and lifetime guarantee. Metawee has emphasized that the company is keeping its position in the real estate development field due to the best experts and consultants and the best administrators and executives, not to mention using the best designs and the latest building tools to grantee best results to customers. Metawee pointed out that real estate investment in Egypt has become the effective solution to enhance the Egyptian economy, as it provides the increased demand for the purchase of customer orders, and attract foreign investors to the Egyptian market, as well as providing many job opportunities for young people through new projects, in addition to contributing by the increase in gross domestic product and its association with many other sectors in the field of industry and commerce, not only the real estate side. In the same context, Aya Al-Shenawy marketing manager of ” MG Developments “, said that “Headquarter Business” project confirms the company movement in the implementation of the expansion plan announced by the addition of what was in the field of tourism projects varied, including “Blue BlueSokhna,” which arrived the volume of investments up to 750 million pounds self-funded, in addition to compound “La Vida” in addition to its uniqueness in the field of real estate in several projects in Al Tagmou’ Al Khames, including Life Home” project “,” Sky View “and” Skyview Premiere “, which the company announced delivering the units before the deadline and announced to customers, thus confirming the company’s success in residential projects, the company executed at the highest level, and deliver the units before the scheduled date. Al-Shenawy has stressed on seeking permanent company to enter new areas in order to achieve the largest expansion in the Egyptian market, as it provides opportunities for all that is new in the field of real estate in general, in addition to the company’s efforts to survive at the top of customers’ concerns, providing modern methods and facilities in payment.

“MG Developments” finished 70%

“MG Developments” finished 70% of the first phase of the project “Blue Blue” Sokhna before the deadline with 24 months MG developments has announced that the company has finished 70% of the first phase of the “Blue Blue” Sokhna project, prior to the date to finish the project for 24 months, where the company planned to complete the first stage 12-2018, which was implemented on an area of more than 120 thousand square meters with investments amounting to 750 million pounds, and the move comes achieve the principle of commitment, which followed the company in all its dealings with its customers, and is keen MG developments, on the implementation of projects at the highest level and the completion of the project before delivery, which stipulated engagements dates with clients in order to earn the trust and customer satisfaction. Aya El-Shenawy, Marketing Manager at MG developments Said, the company has completed 70% of the first phase of the project “blue blue” Ain Sokhna, which was implemented on an area of more than 120 thousand square meters with investments amounting to 750 million pounds, before the deadline of the delivery of the project with 24 months, which is planned to complete the first stage in 2017 and expressed her happiness for the completion of 70% of “Blue Blue” project ahead of schedule, confirmation of what adopted by the company to its commitment to new and existing customers, and this is sought by the company is always, as it believes that the company’s success and continuity at the head of real estate companies in Egypt is linked to its commitment with customers. She pointed out that there is plenty of interest on the part of customers, “Blue Blue” Sokhna, as a result of what was delivered than one occasion and a distinct payment facilities, where they made it possible to pay up to 5 years without interest, as well as the possibility of advance payment starts from 10% of the project, she said the project has been implemented self-funded, the projects implemented by the company’s resources, in addition to the most efficient use of expertise in the field of construction and design, as well as ensuring the maintenance on the units for life. Aya added that “Blue Blue” project Sokhna features a 12 thousand meters of water bodies, where it is divided into four main parts, sea view, Lake View, Blue Island, Water Front, pointing out that the resort is designed to distribute the buildings shaped U at two levels the difference between them 12 meters away, which ensures the possibility of seeing the sea from each unit, in addition to the availability of public services, leisure, and maintenance over the life of all the units and projects undertaken by the company, in order to ensure the implementation of the expansion plan, which operates the company at the moment. Aya explained that “Blue Blue” Sokhna, featuring a variety of chalets, of varying sizes project to suit all tastes, pointing out that the selection of the project site and being away from ports and ships, will ensure the continuity of the beach waste and the purity of sea water, as well as the nature of the beach itself, which is characterized by the nature of the sandy guarantee safety for the entire family during their tour on the beach, in addition to the project near windmills area, away from the mountain at 30 kilometres, which provides fresh air all the time. She also stressed on the availability of many services provided by the project, providing more than 15 swimming pools were distributed in different parts of the resort, long beach stretches 300 meters for, in addition to the mini aqua park and Lazy River to move between the parts of the resort in a small rafts for more of pleasure and fun, as well as providing IC equipped with the latest sports equipment, as well as the establishment of a health club contains “spa” and “sauna” and “Jacuzzi”; even gives customers a chance to enjoy the entertainment. She pointed out that the most important characteristic of “Blue Blue” Sokhna is the spread of green spaces, noting that the resort has an area of 30,000 meters for the beach only which allowing the establishment of entertainment services group, and the courts, Dance floor, area for concerts and walkway pontoon, the area of the aqua park and water sports, as well as mini-cinema within the resort, which ensures the best ways to entertain, in addition to having many restaurants overlooking the water with a panoramic vision of the falls, as well as the existence of several brands to make shopping for customers.