As the fastest growing sector in Egypt, Metawee Group adopts a new expansion plan in real estate

Metawee Group announced its adoption of a new expansion plan which aims at increasing
the company’s activity and entering new markets to achieve more expansion in the real
estate investment sector in North Coast, Ain Sokhna, New Cairo, New Heliopolis, Sheikh
Zayed and October. The Group also seeks to develop its business fields to include
administrative, commercial, tourism and residential sectors; the latter in which the
company has accomplished an unprecedented success through a number of residential
projects executed at a top-notch level with units being delivered prior to set delivery dates
stipulated in contracts.

Mohamed Metawee, CEO of Metawee Group, stated that the Group’s key success factor with its clients routes from the commitment principle as the Group is always committed to delivering its units to the clients before the set delivery dates while also complying to all the technical specifications for all projects with highest quality materials. In addition, the Group offers the highest added-value to the unit’s price with the finest after-sales services such as lifetime maintenance, which is one of the most important factors to maintain the real estate wealth in Egypt.

Metawee added that the company uses state-of-the-art construction methods and global designs. The company also utilizes the most skilled and experienced workers from design and construction companies as well as consultants in the implementation and management.

Metawee pointed out that the Group is comprised of integrated companies which are; Metawee Group Company, a multipurpose joint-stock company, the International Company for Real Estate Development and Project Management, El Dawleyya for contracting and supplies, Service City for administration and maintenance and Sky View for Real Estate Investment.

He added that the company has several major projects in property and real estate sector
including Sky View Compound, Sky View Premier, Life Home in fifth settlement and La Vida
Compound in new Heliopolis city. Along with these projects, Metawee stated that there is a
new project in Ain Sokhna which the Group will announce its details midyear.
Metawee stressed on the importance of investing in the real estate sector as it is the fastest
growing and most developed sector in Egypt. This comes due to a significant number of
considerations, most importantly because it’s a labor-intensive industry and is associated
with a large number of supplementary industries that are closely tied to the real estate
sector. These industries include
cement, steel, wood, paints and decor industries as well as the aluminum sectors and many
other industries.

Metawee pointed out to the growing population in Egypt and the increasing number of
youth close to marriage who need more suitable residential apartments. This undoubtedly
requires growth and development in the real estate sector and doubling its projects in Egypt
in order to be able to bridge the gap between supply and demand.