• Architecture
    ProMark New Capital
    Is a complex building in the New Capital in front of the ministry of Finance, between the financial and governmental district.
  • Architecture
    ProMark New Capital
    Is a complex building in the New Capital in front of the ministry of Finance, between the financial and governmental district.
  • Architecture
    ProMark New Capital
    Is a complex building in the New Capital in front of the ministry of Finance, between the financial and governmental district.
  • Architecture
    ProMark New Capital
    Is a complex building in the New Capital in front of the ministry of Finance, between the financial and governmental district.
  • Architecture
    ProMark New Capital
    Is a complex building in the New Capital in front of the ministry of Finance, between the financial and governmental district.

Our Location


“A Professional mark in the heart of The New Administrative Capital”



Our philosophy is to craft safe investment prospects within a united sustainable community, The New Administrative Capital. We are a developer that focuses on creating a positive impact today to shape a prosperous tomorrow.  We continue to impulse the limitations of real estate development to build not only pulsating icons, but also achieve a mix of energetic and superior communities that enhance value to our customers, our associates, the society we live in, and the economic opulence of our country.

The New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is set to be a home to Egypt’s internationally recognized largest financial ecosystem of more than 100,000 professionals working across active registered companies – making up the largest and most diverse pool of industry talent in the Egypt.  Nationally, we are committed to supporting the financial industry and making the city a leading player in shaping the future of the national and regional financial landscape.

Comprising a variety of world-renowned retail and dining venues, a dynamic culture scene, residential zones, hotels and public spaces, the downtown hub district is set to be Egypt’s most sought-after business and lifestyle destination.

Financial and governmental district

The national vision is to drive the future of finance. Today, the downtown hub at the New Administrative Capital offers Egypt’s most comprehensive financial homes and capital environments equipped with first-class infrastructure, communications and commercial systems.  The New Administrative Capital will be the favorable destination for business professionals as a result of the highest business standards and offerings along with immense growth opportunities.

Strategic location

Promark is situated beside the iconic and strategic location in the heart of the business and financial downtown district of the New Administrative Capital. Merely a 20-minute drive from New Cairo, Promark has numerous access points through Road 90, Suez and Sokhna roads.

Appropriately positioned at the heart of the New Capital’s cutting-edge landmarks of the downtown zone just opposite the Ministry of Finance.  Promark is a Centralized zone to happiness and entertainment within its business and finance district, centrally located alongside The Presidential Palace, The Parliament and Ministries within the vibrant business district.


As a next-generation central point of the Financial Hub of the New Administrative Capital, we present a pulsating U shaped 8 floor tower boulevard with a comprehensive bundle of services and facilities. With modern designs, ECG architecture, the well renowned New Capital designer, has bridged gaps connecting New Cairo to the New Capital. Promark doorway to an unprecedented business model including 2 floors of entertainment zone including shopping and restaurants; and a 6 floor commercial destination.  Relax and revel with an abundance of relaxing choices, feast your eyes within this secluded oasis of greenery in the surroundings.

Deluxe facades

Promark presents luxury in entrance designs, promoting a luxurious and private experience within its design.  Stand-alone entrances have been designed separately for commercial, administrative and service areas.

Conference quarters

The conference rooms set a bar to contemporary and sleek designs with a professional mood in its smart designs that apply state of the art technology within its scheme with

VIP Lounges

Promark ensures a chic and modern business experience.  Our VIP lounges are encompassed with luxury and style aimed to drive business growth within an inborn superiority of conveniences.

Meeting rooms

Promark meeting rooms offer an assortment to ensure convenience utilizing smart infrastructure methods.  With state-of-the-art technology and 4G connectivity, we cater to an exceptional array of features to enhance your business experience.

Indulging your senses to dining

Details are everything, with a thematic design, offering restaurant spaces with lavish outdoor spaces, enabling us to satisfy with every breath of fresh air within our lavish landscapes.  Stroll along the promenade and you’ll find a vast array of selection between cafes and restaurants – the options are endless.

Future-proof work environment

Promark offers the most efficient and flexible modern office spaces to make business a pleasure and to feel that you work where you want to be.  Within a prestigious mixes-use business district offering sustainable international standard office spaces and components of smart infrastructure methods.  Feast your senses with inspiring views from the surroundings within an address that speaks success and promotes work efficiencies.

Upscale brands

A world of leisure and convenience awaits.  From the world of fashion to the joys of the great outdoors.  Simply stroll down the boulevard for the best of boutiques featuring upscale brands. Complimented by lush landscapes, indulge in a stroll or simply relax under the shades of a sidewalk umbrella – reveal that the world of fashion is at your feet.

Bespoke working environment

With the key objective of fostering employee productivity and time harmonious and efficient work and market evolution, Promark offers a friendly environment to drive business growth. Tailored to provide the most efficient and flexible workspace the business community features fully integrated offices that come in different sizes with tranquility of beauty and nature in the surroundings.

Boundless facilities

Where everything is at your fingertips, Promark fuses practicality and suitability.   Providing everyday requirements, featuring an array of facilities with spacious parking spaces and drop off areas, our visitors can quickly access supermarkets, grocers, a pharmacy, laundry services and much more.

Underground Parking

With a meticulous eye for convenience of our guests, our surface parking has been designed to serve for shop and run with tailor made drop of areas.  The underground parking spaces encompass a capacity around xxx cars, with on-site security services and surveillance to ensure our visitors a sense of peacefulness and security.


Because high-level security is vital round the clock,  Promark features a full CCTV system, electronic gates and a comprehensive network of cameras to ensure your safety.  A fully secured fire system is equipped within the development ensuring extreme safety measures for your peace of mind.

After sales service

We have priority to us after sales services and facilities to ensure a sustainable development model that will endure for future generations.  Our services are focused on regular and ongoing maintenance that is tailored to fit the working environment. These services include, but are not limited to maintenance and cleaning, servicing the overall technical installations and equipment, concierge and reception services.

Visitor management services

Because we believe in a hassle-free living, our visitors management services feature a roster of premium services including valet parking, car care and concierge services, offering maximum comfort and indulgence; bringing the best of the hotel-inspired timesaving, life-enhancing services right to your doorstep making every moment as if it were always meant to be.