• Premium Business Center New Cairo
    After various ongoing premium residential developments, MG established Premium Business to be the ultimate Business place Premium Business is Where Business starts. It’s is the ultimate destination for an investor or a Business owner as it offers a smart investment, immense business opportunities, a premium administrative and commercial experience with an affordable and efficient cost in return.

Our Location


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We have realized for more than two decades in the field of real estate development, the significance of design and planning, and their role in the positive impact upon us, the individuals and the communities in which they live. Along the years, company has uniquely constructed and designed various housing, tourist, commercial and administrative works at some of the promising areas in Egypt.

Our practices and services are still heading for responding to the requirements of our clients and assimilating the changing conditions in Egypt with no change whatsoever in our commitment to the value since the first day of the Group. We, through the experience of our qualified employees, administrative, architectural and consultant staff and the success partners of unique experts in all fields, the capacity for the timely execution of all the projects and our 250-task force, managed to seek new opportunities and increasing investments in Egypt.

This is the only method by which we build a foundation for tomorrow.

About the Group

MG Developments was launched in 1998 – with a visionary approach of making contemporary living a reality in Egypt.  Aspiring to craft iconic communities, we specialize in real estate investment, touristic development and construction, offering vibrant and attractive living and working environments.

We have developed ourselves to become one of the leaders in real estate development in Egypt, focusing on creating diversified projects that combine commercial and residential developments.  This ground-breaking vision has created a different kind of real estate Company, putting MG Developments in a positioning of its own.  We believe that people are increasingly interested in living more meaningful lives. We are, too. We specialize in challenging projects that require a delicate balance of sustainability, elegant design, innovative technology, luxury and convenience.

We recognize that what we build today is in reality about tomorrow and we are privileged to lead the way.    What makes our commitment different is our ability to act on it using the best practices to achieve our vision in reality and contribute to set the pace for enriching developments in Egypt’s development map towards investment in the real estate sector.

All the development works of Company are unique due to their unique location, optimum use of the land area, the design quality, timely delivery amid such wonderful opportunities from the Government as represented in the New Urban Communities Authority and the Tourist Development Authority.

In its investment extension plan, the company is targeting New Cairo, Sixth of October, Sheikh Zayed, North Coast and the administrative capital.

Our mission

Building housing, commercial and administrative projects of quality building and design. Due consideration has been given to the comprehensive utilities and services which are an integral part in the planning process. We aim to share in raising the standards of living in Egypt and the promotion of its economy.

Our Vision

We build life which realizes a qualitative shift for the people and seek to promote and extend our customers’ base, through exposure to new markets and building projects which play a key role in increasing the investments in Egypt.

Our Values

  • Investment in MG Developments is a valuable story. We provide a tangible value for the customers and our success partners, rendering the investment with us a unique experience.
  • Through MG Developments, we embody the good citizen through our commitment to the professional ethics, standards of the environmental safety, sustainability of the building for the maintenance of the current investor in safe building and the right of the next generations in the resources.
  • Powerful Economy, one of our significant values is enhancing the national economy, fulfilling its requirements and investing in optimum economic conditions.
  • Intelligent Creativity, what we do care for is not only creative building, designs or planning but also for intelligent innovation which fulfills the customers’ requirements for reaching the highest standards of welfare and happiness.
  • Trust & Commitment, We believe that our promises to the customers and partners are irrevocable codes of ethics as we embody the meaning of accomplishment, commitment, credibility and human resources.
  • Work at MG Developments is a unique experience as our customers are deemed as an actual resource for our investment where we employ the smart, enthusiastic and innovative staff.

Our Marks in building

For Tomorrow, there is a Foundation

Due to our established belief that the optimum resolutions for the safety and social responsibility are our optimum decisions, we are committed to the optimum use of natural resources as we depend on the natural wood, rocks and bricks due to their capability for the increase of the buildings sustainability and their unique aesthetic touch, and above all their rare generated contaminants to the environment.

We apply all of the structural durability tests, use the optimum reinforced steel, select heat insulating facades, aluminum for the windows, tempered glass and paints which withstand the toughest weather conditions for applying all sustainability standards which we are targeting.

Our Milestones as MG Developments

  • Metawee Group was established, which later became MG Developments.
  • 2010 Build up a group of a range of high-end residential projects and villas in the (5th Settlement)
  • 2011-2013 Development of housing, commercial& tourist projects
  • 2014-2015 Launching of projects at (new Heliopolis) LAVEDA & (5th Settlement) SKY VIEW, SKY VIEW PREMIER & LIFE HOME.
  • 2015-2016 Construction of Lavida (new Heliopolis).
  • 2016-2017 Construction of BLUE BLUE Resort in Ain Sokhna.
  • 2018-2019 Construction of HEADQUARTERS BUSINESS in (New Cairo).
  • 2020 Start Delivering Blue Blue resort & launch premium business (New Cairo).
  • 2021 launch Promark & the mark at the new administrative capital.
  • 2022 Markka mall at blue blue el sokhna.



At MG Developments, we recognize the importance of integration within our mix.  With our subsidiary companies, we ensure a combined range of services with international standards to complement our business model.

  • MG Developments has six subsidiary companies including
  • MG Developments for Real Estate & Tourist Investment
  • Al Dawleya Real Estate Development & Projects’ Management Co.
  • WIZ U for Maintenance & Operation of Tourist Resorts
  • Al Dawleya Contracting & Supplies Co.
  • UP SCALE Interior Design & Finishing Co.
  • LOGIC Marketing & Advertising Co.


LAVIDA (New Heliopolis)

BLUE BLUE (Ain Sokhna)


Premium business (New Cairo)

Promark (new administrative capital)

The mark (new administrative capital)

Markka mall at blue blue el sokhna

OUR Partners

Introducing well-built projects that play an essential role

At MG Developments we cooperate with various qualified contractors and consultants and contracting companies for the provision of successful development and projects.

We appreciate their compliance with the optimum business standards and their positive cooperation for meeting the demands of our customers.