• HQ New Cairo
    Is located in the heart of New Cairo., offering the most efficient and flexible modern office spaces to make business a pleasure and to feel that you work where you want to be. Within a wide offering range of tailor made and customized office spaces nestle this prestigious mixed-use business district offering international standards of quality. Feast your sense with inspiring views from the surrounds within an address that speaks success and promotes work efficiencies.

Our Location


Headquarters – New Cairo

A business address that speaks success

Headquarters (HQ) is located in the heart of New Cairo, offering the most efficient and flexible modern office spaces to make business a pleasure and to feel that you work where you want to be.  Within a wide range of tailor made and customized office spaces this prestigious mixes-use business district offering international standards of quality.  Feast your senses with inspiring views from the surroundings within an address that speaks success and promotes work efficiencies.

Our central location

HQ is strategically located in the heart of the 5th settlement serving as a central point directly on the North 90th axis, 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport and 15 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis with multiple access points through both the North and South 90th Axis and Orouba Axis.

Conveniently situated at the heart of the Fifth Settlement’s groundbreaking landmarks, it is a two minute drive along the North 90th axis of the Downtown mall and Cairo Festival City.

HQ in numbers

  • Land area 4842 meters
  • 12,000 meters of administrative space
  • 4,200 meters of commercial space
  • 2,500 meters of natural landscapes
  • 200 units of convenient parking

Construction updates

This modern design development began in construction since 2018 and delivery will begin in early 2020.

Perfection in design

Stretching across 4842 meters HQ offers 1200 meters within commercial, office spaces within a modern design focusing on the massive outdoor spaces presenting an unparalleled destination connecting a community of business, health, restaurants, cafes and a large underground parking.

Throughout our design process, we work to create sustainable architectural expressions, incorporating the latest in building technology while maintaining the developments integrity that flows seamlessly with its surroundings.

HQ is dedicated to providing innovative commercial architectural services that not only satisfy our Clients’ needs, but also promotes individualism, inspires observers and occupants, and incorporates permanence, durability and sustainability for future value.

Luxurious entrances

HQ presents meticulously designed entrances that promote privacy and luxury in its model with separate entrances for commercial and administrative areas as well as service entrances.

Conference rooms

Our conference room presents a modern set professional ambiance within its smart designs utilizing the highest levels of state of the art technology within its scheme, holding up to XX number of people.

VIP Lounge

HQ presents VIP lounges embraced with luxury and style aimed to drive business growth within an inherent quality of amenities.

Meeting rooms

An array of various meeting rooms is set up within the business development to ensure convenience in all your business practices.  Created with the latest state-of-the-art technology and high-speed internet connectivity, catering to your business preference all along the way.

Restaurants and Cafes

Because social encounters enrich your life, HQ designs incorporate a variety of restaurants and cafes for mingling and easy socializing.  With the opportunity to indulge your taste buds while enjoying and building lasting bonds.

Future-proof work environment

HQ offers the most efficient and flexible modern office spaces to make business a pleasure and to feel that you work where you want to be.  With built in HVAC systems, we ensure the ideal business climate.  Within a prestigious business district offering international standard smart office spaces, and high-speed internet connections.

Shopping upfront

Enjoy an array of selected brands lineup within HQ retail offerings; with alternative options of space to suit your needs, shopping is redefined within a vibrant ambience filled with endless options.

Business within your grasp

No commercial plaza is complete without a comprehensive bundle of services and facilities that are just outside your doorstep, making business simpler.  An ATM Center is at your grasp within the business plaza.

Allow us to take care of the little details, while you focus on getting your targets met.

The Sky lounges

Unwind after a busy day in rooftop lush sky lounges, relax, recharge, revitalize. Nestled at the peak of HQ, the lively rooftop is embraced by serenity and nature.  The water features, shaded patios and landscape walkways and seating areas are the perfect place for a coffee break or a networking conversation.

State of the art Gym

HQ possesses a fully equipped gym with a wide range of state-of-the-art machines to work out the stress of your day and boost your fitness levels.

Pamper yourself within the outdoors

With maximum use of outdoor spaces, HQ allows you to breathe nature in the surroundings to enhance the body and mind.  Whether you are going for a stroll during your break to energize, or grabbing a book within shaded patios to relax, indulge within the outdoors and enjoy the serenity, peacefulness and blissfulness of our year-round exquisite climate.


Because high-level security is vital round the clock, HQ features a full CCTV system, electronic gates and a comprehensive network of cameras to ensure your safety.  A fully secured fire system and HVAC system is equipped within the development ensuring extreme safety measures for your peace of mind.

Visitors’ management services

Because we believe in a hassle-free living, our visitors management services

features a roster of premium services including valet parking, car care and concierge services, offering maximum comfort and indulgence; bringing the best of the hotel-inspired timesaving, life-enhancing services right to your doorstep making every moment as if it were always meant to be.


With a meticulous eye for detail, our underground parking spaces are assigned to commercial units, relieving the pressure of not being able to park close to your office as well as outdoor shaded parking spaces.

Vibrancy in its model

Bursting with vibrancy in the fifth settlement prime commercial zone, nestles HQ presenting a pulsing commercial district of its own.  Infused with elite hospitality through its outdoor areas, this seamlessly connected community offer a better quality of life, fosters social interactions while incorporating unique lifestyle options.


HeadQuarters - MG, North Teseen, First New Cairo, Egypt

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