MG Developments contracts with Reynaers, LG and the Italian company KONE Elevators to finalize the HQ project 

MG Developments announced on its contracted with a number of leading companies that undertake internal and external finishes for the HQ “Headquarters Business” project in the Fifth Settlement, where the group has contracted with Section Solutions for Glass, the authorized agent of the Belgian company, Reynaers Aluminium and also signed a contract with the Italian company KONE Elevators and LG, which specializes in air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems.

Mohamed Metawee, Chairman of MG Developments, said that the contract with the three companies comes as a result of good previous work for each of them, as a contract has been signed with Sections Solutions, the authorized agent of the Belgian company, Reynaers Aluminium, which specializes in providing high-quality aluminum systems; to cover glass facades for the HQ project “Headquarters Business” in the Fifth Settlement.

Metawee added that the use of glass facades in the HQ building, “Headquarters Business”, aims to implement modern advanced systems to beautify real estate, maximize its value, and raise its ability to meet the requirements of current and potential clients of international banks, institutions and cafes has a certain specifications, all by using the sciences of external facades and internal systems. 

Metawee” also stressed that MG Developments is keen to ensure that the specifications of the HQ “Headquarters Business” project conform to international standards, as the aluminum works will have a global guarantee certificate and provide complete isolation of water and dust. 

In a related context, the company contracted with KONE Elevators to supply and install 6 elevators of Italian origin to serve all floors of the HQ “Headquarters Business” building, starting from the garage to the roof, as well as allocating 2 special elevators to serve visitors and the commercial. The elevators comply with the latest specifications and conditions for safety and usage, and to the special European codes as well.

In addition, MG Developments is contracted with Innovere Supplies and Contracting (the contractor approved by LG Egypt) to supply, install and operate air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems with highly energy-efficient systems (VRF) with environmentally friendly gas and conversion technology.