According to its expansion plan MG Developments is heading to expand in new projects in the New Administrative Capital, Sheikh Zayed and the Fifth Settlement

MG Developments announced that it has started running its expansion plan, by expanding in new projects in the New Administrative Capital, Sheikh Zayed and the Fifth Settlement by launching new projects and also entering into strategic partnerships with real estate developers. The plan comes coping with the strategic plan set by the group and started in its implementation from June 2020 for the next three years, which is summarized in launching new projects in different destinations and sectors, and the injection of more investments to achieve its approach to expansion horizontally and vertically.

Mohamed Metawee, CEO of MG Developments, stated that the company is completing the implementation of the expansion plan that has been drawn up since 2015 and stopped on November 2016 due to the devaluation. After the delivery of the first and second stages of BlueBlue Sokhna and the delivery of Lavida Compound, the company decided to resume the expansion plan vertically and horizontally and penetrated new sectors after its success in the residential, tourism, commercial and administrative real estate sector; And now it will expand into new urban areas that it has not previously worked in, such as the New Administrative Capital and Sheikh Zayed

The new targeted areas are distinguished by a promising future due to the diversity of projects between residential, administrative, commercial and tourist, which will help increase the return on investments for the individuals and companies as well in those areas, especially for its modernity and the quality of the infrastructure and the modern roads network that connects them with all Governorates, this making it the best choice for many, Metawee confirmed.

The Administrative Capital represents a strong attraction for real estate developers and
individuals alike as it has been planned with international standards represented in advanced
urban planning, and a high-level living environment in terms of health services, education,
transportation, entertainment, arts, culture, shopping and others of the things that make it
compatible with the company’s orientations and strategy, Metawee explained