With a volume of investments up to 500

With a volume of investments up to 500 million pounds MG Developments to launch “Headquarter business” the Administrative Project in Al Tagmou’ Al Khames MG Developments for Tourism and real estate investments has announced a new plan to expand the company’s activities and access new markets through a launch of new project in Al Tagmou’ Al Khames with a total investment up to 500 million Egyptian pounds in the Egyptian real estate market. This project is “Headquarter business” in the first district in 90 street and through it MG Developments is announcing its entry to the administrative real estate sector. Mohammed Metawee Chairman of MG Developments for real estate investment said “the company is working according to an expansion plan in the Egyptian real estate market to increase its investments in the Egyptian market and enter new fields and that what the company is doing through the latest project, as the new project that the company is going to start “Headquarter business” is an administrative project in the first district in 90 north street in Al Tagomu’ Al Khames. With this project the company is announcing entering the administrative filed in addition to its intervention of excellence in tourism, residential and commercial field” Metawee pointed out to the importance of “Headquarter business” project as the first administrative project for MG Developments which has started it to exceed the Group’s activities and not only the residential and tourism fields which helps in opening new markets to enable the group to increase its uniqueness in the Egyptian real estate market, he added that such projects is creating new different economic opportunities not to mention that the importance of this project is about developing the Egyptian economy through investors and business men who will rent unites in the project as well as the project is giving the chance to business men to choose suitable spaces for them which will increase the value of the project that aims to provide all means of comfort to customers in addition to its unique position in the first distract in 90 street Al Tagmou’ Al Khames which is away from the capital downtown to avoid traffic. He also pointed out to that the project will have the latest highest services and technologies and the latest designs ensuring customers the best on the completion of their work, as well as labor to be included to offer new job opportunities so it will reflect positively on the Egyptian economy and not only the real estate market. Metawee added that the company is committed to providing the best services in the field of real estate through starting new projects aim to support the Egyptian economy to grow as the real estate market in Egypt is giving job opportunities and financial sources to support the Egyptian economy. He also added that the most important goal for the company is ensuring the best service to increase the customers trust and attract more according to the company’s services in terms of delivery dates, methods of payment, maintenance and lifetime guarantee. Metawee has emphasized that the company is keeping its position in the real estate development field due to the best experts and consultants and the best administrators and executives, not to mention using the best designs and the latest building tools to grantee best results to customers. Metawee pointed out that real estate investment in Egypt has become the effective solution to enhance the Egyptian economy, as it provides the increased demand for the purchase of customer orders, and attract foreign investors to the Egyptian market, as well as providing many job opportunities for young people through new projects, in addition to contributing by the increase in gross domestic product and its association with many other sectors in the field of industry and commerce, not only the real estate side. In the same context, Aya Al-Shenawy marketing manager of ” MG Developments “, said that “Headquarter Business” project confirms the company movement in the implementation of the expansion plan announced by the addition of what was in the field of tourism projects varied, including “Blue BlueSokhna,” which arrived the volume of investments up to 750 million pounds self-funded, in addition to compound “La Vida” in addition to its uniqueness in the field of real estate in several projects in Al Tagmou’ Al Khames, including Life Home” project “,” Sky View “and” Skyview Premiere “, which the company announced delivering the units before the deadline and announced to customers, thus confirming the company’s success in residential projects, the company executed at the highest level, and deliver the units before the scheduled date. Al-Shenawy has stressed on seeking permanent company to enter new areas in order to achieve the largest expansion in the Egyptian market, as it provides opportunities for all that is new in the field of real estate in general, in addition to the company’s efforts to survive at the top of customers’ concerns, providing modern methods and facilities in payment.